Wednesday, 10 July 2013

DownThemAll : Full featured download manager build with in Firefox

This add-on gives you a good download manager with a lot of features


You can install it by using add-on option given by Firefox or while browsing the page.

add-on2-1 add-on2

Now after install DownThemAll you will get following features:

  • Speed limit : We can set speed limits for each and every download based on our preference.

  • Pause : You can pause and resume the downloads

  • Mirrors : You can manage mirrors (two or more links pointed to same file)

  • No of downloads: You can set number of downloads simultaneously running.

  • DownThemAll : suppose we have to download all mp3 files in a page, then just right click on the page then use downthemall option to do this

  • Automatic Retries : we can set time and no of retries

Enjoy the real speed of multi-segment download manager.....