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My experiments with Bloging....

This is my second attempt on blogging. I tried first on Wordpress

I did write some good stuff (as i believe).

Still i am not satisfied enough. So my next step...

Trying new programming languages with ease!

Some of you might have interested in programming.

You may like to study new languages.

So you want to try some coding.

If installation is a little bit complex? Or you are on the Move! What to do?

Here is a solution i suggests

Try it now!

How to visit any site like any device with your computer

Do you have the time in which you don't get access to the mobile site, here is the solution. Use the addon user agent switcher



Chrome link2

This are some pictures of the user agent switcher

Here is the link to be used to get more user agents


Download the XML file. Now add ...

Now select that XML file. Now you have a large number of devices available.

Try Mozilla's Demo studio on your browser

This is a site which shows you web based applications (also you have a space to develop and study to how to make it). It includes games that are playable in browser( i tried it on Firefox). Try one of the games now itself.


Or go the web site of Demo Studio

Demo Studio

DownThemAll : Full featured download manager build with in Firefox

This add-on gives you a good download manager with a lot of features

You can install it by using add-on option given by Firefox or while browsing the page.

Now after install DownThemAll you will get following features:

Speed limit : We can set speed limits for each and every download based on our preference.
Pause : You can pause and resume the downloads
Mirrors : You can manage mirrors (two or more links pointed to same file)
No of downloads: You can set number of downloads simultaneously running.
DownThemAll : suppose we have to download all mp3 files in a page, then just right click on the page then use downthemall option to do this
Automatic Retries : we can set time and no of retries

Enjoy the real speed of multi-segment download manager.....

Terminal on Windows : Cygwin Terminal

You might be interested in working with Terminal (found in both Linux and Unix). Here is a way to install terminal on windows.

Installing is simple. Go to site.
Download setup.exe and run it.
Follow instructions given(Now select to install from internet.). You are done. If you want to get more applications you can select it by running setup.exe again selecting the packages need.

An animated star war movie within Terminal

To see the movie you must open the terminal.
In ubuntu it's easy, just press "Alt + Ctrl + T".
Other wise find your terminal program from applications and open it.
Type "telnet" and press enter.
Now type "o" (alphabet o)
Now type ""
The movies starts....

FirefoxOS: A new Operating System for Mobile phones

Firefox has launched a new Smartphone OS called FirefoxOS(also called fxOS). Here you can get a quick information, visit this link with latest browser

Here is a list of partnesr
You can make try FirefoxOS inside latest firfox browser:

To run the firefox os simulator you must have latest firefox installed )
To install the add-on, go to
Click here to get addon>>>
When you enter to the website, it shows three platform, write click on Your platform and copy the download link
Now download using your favourite download manager(or use another browser to download this, because it is possible getting stopped while downloading).
2. Installing the add-on to firefox browser

Now press install from file and select the file you have downloaded and install it.

3. Running the simulator..........

Press "Alt" button in your keyboard now t…

Nokia's backup(*.nbu) viewer

The contents of the backup file of the Nokia done with PC suite(*.nbu) can be viewed with this


Download from

Improving Typing speed

The only way to improve typing speed is practice . Like any other skills it's a matter of practice.

Download the tutor from More instructions can also be found on this websites.

After installing, open and select your language and keyboard.

Now practice every day. Any number of lessons of your choice.


Linux users may check "KTouch"

There is chrome extension called "Type-fu"

Firefox add-on "Addictive Typing Lessons 4.0"

Another interesting freeware "TypeFaster Typing Tutor"

Last piece "Practice make perfection"

Keeping, Generating & Using many password: KeePass

Most of us are having a lots of account and a lot of password. Here is the solution to keep many password in single file with security.

1.Download and install KeePass 2.x ( Portable version is also available)

First create a database(file to save password in encrypted form). Now type your Master Password(only one you should remember must).

2. Here is how to add passwords to the database. Just select from categories first then add by clicking the icons above.  Now enter your Title,username,password,URL,etc.

3. Use Auto-fill option

Just put in the place where you have to enter user name , just press "Alt + Ctrl + A". Then it's get filled automatically(username and password)

Generating strong password:

This can be done while you entering new password into database.Just click on the generate button.


1.Keep on the file '*.kdbx' and open(then enter master password) it in which PC you want to use those passwords.

2. Dotnet pack may be required to run this. It can be found a…

DOS game and apps on Windows 7 & 8

First download and install "Dosbox". Here is what you get.

Now download and install "Dosblaster". That make things easier.

Now select your game using File menu. You can use category to seperate Games, Apps etc. Also you can change game settings which is shown near to Category.

Here is my DOS game

Commandline options for dosbox:

1. mount t c:\dave\

t ==> this is a letter that used to act as a directory

c:\dave\ ==> replace this with your path to game or app

2. t:

changing to directory t

3. dave

enter the name of exe file

Launchy: Search your files faster

This is a application that can be used to access anything faster(*.*). The format and location are to be set to your choice.

It can be downloaded from

Before using it. It must be configured. Select options by right clicking(or Ctrl + ,).

Now select catalog. Then add locaions and filetypes

Using + button add location and filetype.

Now press "Rescan Catalog". Then you are done.


Usually the shortcut set is "Alt + Space". You can change it from General tab of the above figure. I use "Alt + X" since i use "Alt + Space - c" to close the windows.