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How i changed my keyboard's Space key to Space and Ctrl in Ubuntu 14.04

The thing i wanted was to change my keyboard's behavior like this. When i press Space alone it is Space key. If i pressed with some other key, it is Ctrl.
That is Space+X gives Ctrl+X.

Install needed libs

sudo apt-get install libx11-dev libxtst-dev Get the source
git clone Install
cd Space2Ctrl make sudo make install
How to use?

Start by typing this in a terminal

s2cctl start
And now Stop by

s2cctl stop
How do i use it?

I added it to ~/.bash_login. So when i login to computer it works.

How to run android apk in your Google Chrome browser with Google's ARC

Google's plan on merging android with ChromeOS is on the way.

What you need is

1. Google Chrome 41+. It works on PC,Linux,Mac.
Or Chromebook on Chrome Version 41+.
2. You apk files to run
3. The ARC Welder app

1. To get chrome

In ubuntu/debian you can install *.deb file by

sudo dpkg -i google*.deb
In fedora/ RedHat Linux 

rpm -ivh google*.rpm
2. To get your apk files
Either use
Or some sites like

3. Go to The ARC Welder app.And install it from Google Chrome browser.

I used this game (2048) for testing.

This is the result i got.

NB:- There is a limitation. It's is only possible to do one app at time

I tested on Ubuntu 14.04 and Fedora 21.


Brython: Python in Browser

Brython is python in browser.

Yes, You can just run it in the browser.

What you need is to get brython.js from their github.

And put it into some folder of your choice.

Now create a html file and call that js.

<html><head><script src="brython.js"></script></head><bodyonload="brython()"><script type="text/python"> from browser importdocument, alert, console def echo(ev): alert(document["zone"].value) console.log('Hi, this is from python') document['mybutton'].bind('click',echo) </script><inputid="zone"><buttonid="mybutton">click !</button></body></html>
Here is piece of code i copied from their website (Infact, modified a little bit).

What is important?
1. including

<script src="brython.js"></script>
Yes this line, calling/…