Sunday, 23 March 2014

WhatsApp on PC: Configurations

 This post is a continuation of another article (WhatsApp: Installatioin )

Now let us try how to configure your WhatsApp account.

There are many things you can do.

First important thing is how to add friends.

Open Contact manager provided with this Android , (or you can use other in play Store )

Click on , and give name and mobile. Then on clicking Done You will get a new contact.

Now open WhatsApp and you can see those added contacts.

 Then how to change your photo or add some photos

It's little bit tricky as it not your phone, and it doesn't have a camera too.

I will show you how to make these pictures visible into Gallery. So you can easily add them.

In order to do it we have to share some folders in the PC to Android VM.

I will show it using pictures.

First close the virtual machine.

 Chose power off

 Click on the Shared Folders

Now add your folders by clicking on .

Please do remember to select the folder or drive which contains your photos.
Also check Auto-mount  for all ShareFolders.

You can add as many shared folder as you want.

Then start your Android VM.

Now open the folder /mnt/shared/YOURFOLDERNAME  (using ASTRO>FileManager given with your android VM/ using your favorouite FileManager)

 and copy the your photo into /mnt/sdcard/Pictures/.
(If you copy your multimedia files into /mnt/sdacard/ folder then they will be available in Gallery).

Now open your WhatsApp you can see the all pictures you have copied in Gallery.

You can also use it to set your profile picture or to send to your friends.

You can also install apk file form the /mnt/shared/YOURFOLDERNAME  

Import contacts from another phone

Open the in the phone on which your contacts are located.

Then use export feature in 


 Now select export contact


Then your contacts will be saved into sdcard of that phone with name /mnt/sdcard/0001.vcf
or some thing like *.vcf

Now copy that file into your Anrdoid VM's shared folder, then to sdcard as you done for your pictures.

Now do the contact manager>Import/export > Import from storage

Now you will see a message similar to


Thus you have succesfully imported contacts from other Android Phone.