Sunday, 23 March 2014

WhatsApp on PC: Installation

Hi Friends,

This post will show you how to install WhatsApp on PC. And how to import your contacts from phone or other devices, how to add your photos etc willl be on another Post.

It can be divided into two parts.


In order to install WhatsApp on PC you have to download some files first.

Install virtualbox by following the link.


Then you have to restart the your computer.

Download the pre-configured Virtual Machine (You may visit AndroVM Page to know more )


After downloading the AndroVM you can double clickon it . androVM_vbox86tp_4.1.1_r6.1-20130222-gapps-houdini-flash.ova
 (If your VirtualBox is installed correctly your file should be shown with an orange colored icon).

Now press Import Button

Thus you are done the installation. Now you can press the Start button in the VirtualBox. And see your virtual Android machine.(Or you can import from VirtualBox by File>Import Appliance... Then select the file above.) 

 Now you should see.

 If your PC is connected to the net, then it will be available on this android too.

 Now You can install the WhatsApp from the Play Store 
 You need a working internet connection on your PC to do All These.
Now you need a phone with sim inserted with which you are going to make a WhatsApp account.
 You need a working internet connection on your PC to do All These.
Open the WhatsApp application.
 You need a working internet connection on your PC to do All These.
Once you entered the phone no, they will send you a sms with a verification code to your phone.

If the sms verification didn't work (usually that doesn't work with here), you can select to verification by call. On attending the call from them, you get a verification no which is a 6 digit no., enter it to the space given.

After verification you will get the WhatsApp on your pc.